Committed to writing

Following in a long line of engineers who struggle to write about their experiences, I've reset this blog about 5 times over the years. Each time, I justify it by working with a new technology or blogging platform, each time I write one to two entries over the course of a few weeks, and then it languishes.

I've been a committer with the Apache Software Foundation for a few years on the Lucene.Net project. I unfortunately have not had a lot of time lately to keep track of the conversion of Java Lucene to Lucene.Net, but I do get to help the community from time to time - and I'm still responsible for submitting board reports. As part of the involvement with the a .Net open source project, Microsoft generously provides an MSDN Ultimate License - which I have been using for many years in the form of Visual Studio, Sql Service and Microsoft Office.

Where am I going with all of this; with the restart of my blog (again), I'm going to be exploring Microsoft Azure technologies - which Microsoft provides for free through my MSDN subscription (basic services only). This blog is being hosted on Microsoft Azure - this blog is the Ghost CMS blog, which was extremely easy to set up (about 3 minutes).

Some of my other projects, which I'll talk about, are using more interesting features, like integration with bitbucket and automatic deploys, Service Bus and mobile messaging.

In addition to technology, I have a finance background, so from time to time I will talk about Finance topics. I'm heavily influenced by institutional financial topics - securitizations, exotic and esoteric asset classes, and hedge funds.

My goal is one post every two weeks for the first few months at a minimum. Welcome Aboard.